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  Steamin' Steve Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Steamin' Steve high performance truck mounted steam carpet cleaner

The Story Behind the Machine...




After years in the carpet cleaning business, Steve McIntyre realized that commercially available carpet cleaning equipment failed to provide the power needed to thoroughly clean carpet.  Basically, existing technology lacked the performance needed to extract deep-seated dirt or to sufficiently vacuum out the water used on the job.  This meant that carpets were frequently left with dirt remaining.  Or the chance for mildew to develop. And residue would attract dirt immediately back on to the cleaned carpet.

So Steamin' Steve set out to develop his own truck-mounted steam cleaning system that would provide a superior system in extracting dirt.  One with significantly higher power to generate increased vacuum . The system centered around the engine powering the machine.  Typical carpet cleaning systems are driven by engines capable of producing only 18-22hp.  

Steamin' Steve's carpet cleaning machine is powered by a Honda V4, water-cooled, double over-head cam, 16 valve motor that produces 80 hp.  This motor gives Steamin' Steve unsurpassed cleaning capability.

Steamin' Steve's truck-mounted steam cleaning machine is capable of extracting even the most deep-seated dirt.  Plus it allows for the use of more water to loosen and rinse dirt out of the carpet.  With the high performance vacuum, the  excess water is extracted leaving your carpet cleaner and dryer. And with the residue thoroughly rinsed, dirt is less likely to be attracted back into the cleaned carpet.

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer...

Ever notice how good your carpet looks right after it is cleaned, only to become looking dirty again?  When carpets quickly look dirty it is often because chemicals or detergent were left in the carpet that  attract dirt.  

The best way to combat this rapid re-soiling is to thoroughly extract the dirt and cleaning solution from carpet fibers.  Steamin' Steve is able to achieve superior results by virtue of his machine's high performance.   The carpet can be rinsed with more steam than a typical carpet cleaner because Steamin' Steve can vacuum out more water.  Thereby leaving your carpet free from unwanted dirt-attracting residue.


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