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Frequently Asked Questions...

The power behind the Steamin' Steve machine

Q:  What type of cleaning process does Steamin' Steve use?

A:  Steamin' Steve uses a truck mount, steam cleaning process.

Q:  Who does the work for Steamin' Steve?

A: All work is performed by owner/operator Steve McIntyre to ensure that your home and carpet are professionally cared for.

Q:  What makes Steamin' Steve's machine a superior carpet cleaner?

A:  Basically. the more cleaning solution that can be thoroughly flushed through a carpet, the cleaner the carpet will get and the cleaner the carpet will REMAIN.  Therefore, only if a truck mounted steam cleaner has significant extraction capabilities can sufficient cleaning solution be used on a carpet to thoroughly flush out all the dirt.  The truck-mounted cleaning unit used by Steamin' Steve excels in these three crucial areas:

  • Pressure: Working with as much as 1,500 PSI, the carpet fibers are highly agitated to loosen the most stubborn dirt

  • Heat: Solution temperature, up to 200 degrees, ensures heavily soiled areas, such as grease and sticky spills, are all effectively broken down;

  • Vacuum: Utilizing a tremendous vacuum, the cleaning solution, along with the dirt, pet hair, and all other unwanted residue is completely removed from the carpet.

Q:  Are all truck- mounted carpet cleaning services equal?

A:  Even truck-mounted steam cleaning is only as effective as the technique that is used with it.  Steam cleaning must be done properly or it is no more effective than any other method of carpet cleaning. Plus, even though the principles of cleaning the carpet are the same, some truck mounted units have no extraction power than rental units from the grocery store.  This extraction reduces residue on the carpet and extends the amount of time before the next cleaning is needed. 

Q: Can the carpet be damaged by using excessive water?

A:  Absolutely.  To minimize this risk, Steamin' Steve's high performance system significantly reduces the amount of water left in the carpet to ensure the shortest possible drying time for your carpet.

Q:  How long will it take my carpet to dry?

A:  2-12 hours depending on:

  • Carpet Density: Heavier carpets can require more time 
  • Weather conditions: Hot and dry is better than cold and damp
  • Degree of soiling:  Dirtier carpets can require additional time
  • Airflow:  Ceiling fans, air conditioners, floor fans and open windows can all be used to reduce drying time

Q:  Why did my carpet get dirty so fast after the other service cleaned it?

A:  Rapidly re-soiling is typically caused by a cleaners inability to remove all the dirt and their cleaning solution.  Since this leftover residue attracts dirt, your carpet can quickly appear dingy.

Q:  How is Steamin' Steve able to prevent rapid re-soiling?

A:  Steamin' Steve uses a low-residue solution, thoroughly extracted with his high performance machine.

Q:  I've heard a lot about "dry cleaning".  Is it effective?

A:  There really is no true "dry cleaning" process available, except of course for the household vacuum.  The process that is typically referred to as "dry cleaning" is more like a mopping of the carpet, in that no positive extraction of either the cleaning solution or the dirt has occurred.  Generally, dry-cleaning is not nearly as efficient as truck-mounted steam cleaning.


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